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Artwork Guide

Laser engraved wood

Beautifully brand, pattern or decorate your hospitality products. With our industry leading laser engraving machine, here at The Menu Store, we can achieve the finest of lines and delicate details within your logo. A truly unique and high-end method of personalisation.

Bespoke print on wood

Bring your hospitality products to life with a truly unique method of print. Apply artwork and textures to your products with our high-end method of print. For no extra cost, you can add an engraving too!

Full-Colour Print

With digital screen printing, you can tell your story through images. Simply supply us with the pictures and we’ll help you create something truly meaningful and unique to you. Available to have as your outer cover or just as a lining.

Embossing & Debossing

Both embossing and debossing can be used in foil stamping to add depth and impact to a design. Dies/artwork templates can be sculpted as single-level, multilevel and blind/foiled templates to create striking, multi-dimensional designs.

Dies can be simple or complex, allow us to assist you in creating a truly unique piece of art.

Hot Foil Emboss

The foil is available in a huge range of colors, not just standard golds and silvers. Variations of foil come in matt, pearlescent and glossy finishes. Not only does the hot foil provide a unique image with depth and interest.

Make your menu covers really stand out from the rest with this unique and lively personalisation method.

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